24kV Electrified Railways Composite Insulators
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24kV Electrified Railways Composite Insulators

Insulators are widely used in overhead transmission lines to provide mechanical support and electrical protection, as well as in distribution lines and substations. Silicone rubber is the most widely used polymeric insulation material for high voltage insulators.HAIVO brand composite insulator made of silicone rubber.Depending on voltage considerations, different kinds of insulators are used in power systems,we have Pin insulator,strain insulator,suspension insulator.post insulator,long rod insulator,horizontal post insulator,Railway insulator,shackle insulator,stay insulator.


Composite insulators for electrified railways


Composite insulators for electrified railways have compact structure, strong integrity, good anti-fouling ability, light weight, small size, good internal and external insulation performance, high mechanical strength, and no need for regular cleaning. They are mainly used for high-speed railway and urban light rail transportation construction.


Composite insulators for electrified railways also named railway insulators, electrified railway catenary parts, polymer insulators for electrified railways, railway polymer insulators.


The support arm is made of stainless steel material or Hot dip galvanized cast steel, which has better anti-corrosion performance. It solves the corrosion of products under various climatic conditions such as humidity and acid rain. It can greatly extend the life of the product and provide reliable equipment for the implementation of compact circuit construction.


Electrified railways Composite insulators is suitable for electrified railway tunnels with complex operating conditions, which can effectively prevent pollution flashover accidents and reduce the workload of cleaning and maintenance. Due to its small size, when the tunnel clearance is small, it is a product that porcelain and glass insulators cannot replace. 

Technology characteristics:

1)The silicone rubber housing taken shape by whole injection has good hydrophobicity, drophobicity migration and soil resistance, as well as excellent electrical insulation roperties and aging resistance, which could prevent effectively those accidents of pollution flashovers so as to ensure the safe running of high voltage transmission lines.

2)The modified ECR fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin rod is used as it has good resistance to high temperature, stress corrosion &acid attack, as well as fine damping action, high tensile strength( >1200Mpa ) and resistance to creep and fatigue failure, which effectively ensure the internal insulation quality and mechanical strength of insulators.

3)End fittings are crimped onto fiberglass rod with voice-operated displacement type crimper , The insulators with this crimping technique have high mechanical strength and small dispersion.

4)The connection location between end fittings & rods is fused with sheds housing by the overall high tempera- ture vulcanized silicone rubber injection molding as it could minimize the interface. 

5)The internal radial multi-seal structure effectively guarantees a long-term reliability of seal around the connection between end fittings & rods.



1 Applicable stardand:IEC,ANSI,GB and other international standard

2 Normal colour of the composite insulator:red,gray and white.

3 Special design according customer's requirement.

Main Technical Parameter

Structure height


Nominal creepage distance


Design creepage distance


Nominal dry arc distance


Design dry arc distance


Rated mechanical tensile failure load(KN) Standard lightning impulse withstand voltage peak(KV) Public frequency dry withstand voltage(KV) Public frequency wet withstand voltage(KV) Artificial pollution public frequency withstand voltage(KV)
FQB-25/8 760±20 1200 1297 490 537 80 270 160 130 31.5
FQB-25/12 760±20 1200 1280 490 515 100 270 160 130 31.5
FQB-25/16 800±20 1200 1320 490 555 120 270 160 130 31.5





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