Haivo's composite insulators are light in weight and high in strength, which can better meet the needs of customers.
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The 3 Best Composite Insulator Types of 2023

36kV Composite Line Horizontal Post Insulator for Distribution Line

Secure and reliable operation on high mechanical strength. Compact design and light in weight which is convenient for transportation. Good anti-vibration capability. Good anti-moisture capability...

Pin Silicone Rubber Composite Insulator for Distribution Line

Secure and reliable operation on high mechanical strength. Compact design and light in weight which is convenient for transportation. Good anti-vibration capability. Good anti-moisture capability...

Long Rod Suspension Polymer Insulators

1)The silicone rubber housing taken shape by whole injection has good hydrophobicity, drophobicity migration and soil resistance, as well as excellent electrical insulation roperties and aging resistance, which could ...

Composite Insulator Parts

Composite insulators, also known as organic composite insulators, rubber insulators, or non ceramic insulators, are composite structural insulators made of organic composite materials, mainly composed of core rods, hardware, umbrella skirt sheaths, and adhesive layers.
 "Hardware is a transmission component of the mechanical load of a composite insulator, which is assembled with a core rod to form a connecting piece of the composite insulator.". The quality of the structure affects the strength of the core rod and the mechanical properties of the insulator.

 The umbrella skirt sheath is the external insulation part of the composite insulator, which is used to ensure that the composite insulator has sufficiently high external insulation performance against moisture and pollution flashover, and to protect the core rod from atmospheric erosion.

 The core rod is the load-bearing component of the mechanical load of the composite insulator, and is also the main component of the internal insulation.

 A part of the adhesive layer is used to complete the connection between the sheath and the core rod with adhesive; The other part is to use potting glue to complete the connection between the umbrella skirts. The quality of bonding is directly related to the level of internal insulation.

Why Use Composite Insulator?

High strength, light weight.

The strength of the composite insulator weight ratio is very high, the specific strength is very high. Its high mechanical strength comes from glass steel reinforced bar excellent mechanical properties, the glass fiber reinforced plastic in use by a large number of led the tensile strength of the pull rod can reach more than 1000 mpa and the mandrel is only about 2 g/cm3 density, so its strength is very high, which is about 5 ~ 10 times of quality carbon steel. Under the same voltage grade, the weight of the composite insulator only 1/7 ~ 1/10 for porcelain insulator

The wet flashing lightning pressure is high.

Low energy on the surface of hydrophobic organic composite material is the main reason for the composite insulator is excellent wet dirt resistance.

Hot Sale Composite Insulator

— Long Rod Suspension Polymer Insulators

Silicone rubber composite insulator series products effectively improve the reliability of safe operation, and can save a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources. Due to its high bending strength, large span, and compact lines, it is 8 to 10 times higher than high-strength ceramic materials, with low temperature resistance, and high strength, which is irreplaceable for ceramic cross arms; Small size, light weight, shockproof, no cleaning required, reducing daily maintenance workload.

It has strong impact resistance and shock resistance, good anti brittleness and creep resistance, and interchangeability of glass insulators.

Good sealing performance, strong impact resistance, no need for manual cleaning. 5 times. It does not require cleaning and can safely operate in heavily polluted areas.

Small size, easy to maintain; Lightweight and easy to install; High mechanical strength, not easy to break; Excellent seismic performance, good pollution resistance; Fast production cycle, high quality stability.

ODM&OEM Service

Our OEM ODM designs suitable power products based on the technical standards, parameters, and conditions of power company users

Our insulator products are generally packaged in cartons with pallets, but some products that customers require require require separate wooden boxes for packaging, and we can also meet customer needs. The outer packaging of the cartons can be labeled according to customer needs, or our company's logo can be displayed.

Haivo Advantage---Composite Insulator

The advantages of composite jacket insulators are good hydrophobicity, light weight, but poor UV resistance, easy aging and cracking, and short service life; Porcelain or glass insulators are heavy, adding to the burden on poles and towers, resulting in high cost.However, our company's composite outer insulator front extrusion and umbrella wearing process replaces the composite umbrella skirt with a large disc diameter and thin porcelain umbrella skirt, and sets porcelain tubes between the umbrella skirts.
1. Porcelain umbrella skirt and porcelain sleeve are made of inorganic materials, which have strong ultraviolet resistance, are not prone to aging and cracking, and have an exceptionally long service life;

2. The disc diameter, umbrella spacing, and creepage distance of the porcelain umbrella skirt can be adjusted at will. The large inclination angle of the umbrella increases the "protective creepage distance" of the insulator. Even if the upper half of the umbrella skirt is seriously misunderstood, due to the large protective creepage distance, it is safer to operate in rainy and foggy days.

3. The manufacturer of "Long Rod Extruded Porcelain Umbrella Skirt Insulator" only needs production equipment and testing equipment for extrusion, umbrella wearing, and seizure (outsourcing of porcelain umbrella skirt and porcelain sleeve), saving a large amount of equipment and mold investment required for the production of composite and glass insulators, and reducing production costs.

Download/User Manual About Composite Insulator

Silicone rubber is the most widely used polymeric insulation material for high voltage insulators.Different kinds of insulators are used in power systems,we have Pin insulator,strain insulator,suspension insulator.post insulator,long rod insulator,horizontal post insulator,Railway insulator,shackle insulator,stay insulator.
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