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Haivo Electrical Co.,Ltd, is a provider of power equipment and services for the global electric utility industry. It mainly manufacture power transmission & distribution equipments FROM 10Kv to 220kv, covering many product series as Fuse cutout, Surge arrester, Composite & Porcelain insulator, Disconnector switch & Load Break Switch , Hardware fitting for overhead line, SEPARATABLE CONNECTORS and Cable joint & TERMINATION kits (cold & heat shrinkable cable accessories).



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Haivo company holds the technical forerunner, supreme in quality, supremacy of customers, and innovative progressing′, so that our products and services successfully satisfied our users.

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Professional and timely

With more than ten years of manufacturing and overseas sales experience, positive and timely service response, we can provide users with reliable product quality and the best service!

High quality certification & complete qualifications

It has the certification of KEMA LAB, the world's most advanced high-voltage laboratory, and all series products have type test reports from third-party national laboratories. Able to participate in the bidding of any national utilities

Provide customized production and services

Strictly follow the relevant IEC and ANSI international standards. Provide customized production and services according to power users in different countries and regions and different technical requirements, and provide OEM and ODM production.

Mainly bidding for utilities and supplying for EPC contractors

We are actively involved in the bidding business and EPC general contracting projects of various national utilities. our professional team includes commercial, financial, and technical teams to work together to serve the bidding projects and EPC general contracting projects of overseas utilities.


What are the materials used in composite special insulation?
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Introduction to Composite Insulators Composite insulators are essential components in modern electrical systems, offering superior performance and reliability compared to traditional insulators. These insulators are designed to withstand high voltage and harsh environmental conditions, making them i

How are composite insulators made?
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Composite insulators have become a vital component in modern electrical systems, offering numerous advantages over traditional porcelain or glass insulators. But how exactly are these composite insulators made? This article delves into the intricate process of ma

What material is composite insulators?
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Composite insulators have revolutionized the electrical industry with their superior performance and reliability. These insulators are critical components in power transmission and distribution systems, offering numerous advantages over

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What are the common types of fuse links?
2022 / - 05 / - 10

A fuse link is an electrical appliance. When the current exceeds a specified value, the fuse link will use its heat to fuse link the fuse link and break the circuit. The fuse link is based on the current exceeding the specified value for some time, using the heat of the fuse link to melt the melt, thereby breaking the circuit. The fuse link uses this principle to make the current protector. Fuse links are widely used in high and low-voltage power distribution systems and control systems as well as electrical equipment. As a short-circuit and over-current protector, it is one of the most commonly used protection devices. So, what are the common fuse link connection types? Next, let's take a look together.

What is the Purpose of a Load Break Switch
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In the realm of electrical engineering and power distribution, the significance of controlling and managing electrical circuits cannot be overstated. A pivotal component in this domain is the load break switch. This device plays a critical role in power systems by ensuring safe and efficient control

What is the Difference Between Fuse Link and Fuse Cutout
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In electrical power systems, protecting equipment and circuits from overcurrent and short circuit conditions is vital. Two essential components for this protection are the fuse link and the fuse cutout. Although they are often mentioned together and work in conjunction to provide safety, they have distinct functions and characteristics. Understanding the difference between a fuse link and a fuse cutout is crucial for professionals in electrical engineering, power distribution, and maintenance, as it helps in selecting the right equipment for effective system protection.

What is the Difference Between a Load Break Switch and a Disconnect Switch
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In the complex world of electrical power systems, the terminologies and functionalities of various components can often be confusing. Two such critical components are the load break switch and the disconnect switch. Although they might appear similar at first glance, they have distinct functionaliti

What are the Materials Used in Surge Arrester
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A surge arrester is a crucial component in electrical systems, designed to protect electrical equipment from voltage spikes caused by lightning strikes, switching operations, or transient faults. The effectiveness of a surge arrester largely depends on the materials used in its construction, as they

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