Insulation Piercing Multi Core Branch Connectors/Four-core Puncture Wire Clip
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Insulation Piercing Multi Core Branch Connectors/Four-core Puncture Wire Clip

Insulation piercing multi-core connectors is specially designed for simple and reliable installation while ensuring maximum safety during life line work. Are applicable for high current main line of low voltage aerial bundled conductor (LV ABC) lines to branch without stripping of insulation of main conductor, and could branch four tap lines simultaneously.

1. Product Description

As our economy develops rapidly in this ever-changing era, electricity is now the primary source of energy. However, constructing electricity lines often leads to major disruptions in people's work and daily lives. Furthermore, there are several types of power distribution wires that make installation and use difficult and inefficient due to terrain and workspace constraints.

Market research shows that four-core wires are beneficial for low-voltage lines, but there are few matching piercing clamps available. Additionally, four-core wires require four piercing clamps of the same specification for continuous use, leading to a waste of resources and increasing the difficulty of construction work. As a solution, the four-core puncture cord clamp has been designed to meet these specific needs.

This product is suitable for voltages of 1kV and below, four-core sector conductor 90° four-core roundconductor.

2. Product Features

1、 Contact performance: the wire clamp has good contact performance with the wire, and the product has little damage to the wire;

2、Electrical conductivity: the product has good electrical conductivity;

3、 Thermal cycle performance: good thermal cycle performance, in line with relevant national standards;

4、Instal lation: easy installation and disassembly, recyclable;

5、The main body is made of high-strength special a luminum al loy, which is anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation.

3. Product structure overview

Product section view

4. Installation Notes


Analysis of instal lation steps:

steps1: Strip 150mm to 200mm of the cable sheath, and then use a splitter to install the partition into the wire.  Figure 1

steps2: Install the product on the wire according to the required wire diameter.  Use an Al len wrench to alternately turn the Al len bolts until the product is tightened to stop.  As shown in Figure 2

steps3: Strip the end of the branch line to a length of 18mm-25mm, insert it into the branch line hole, and tighten it with an Allen key.  As shown in Figure 3

steps4: After instal lation, put the product into the bur ied cable insulation waterproof box.  As shown in Figure 4

(Note: The product instal lation is equipped with plastic partitions according to the actual situation, and it is not recommended to install the partitions for large cross-section wires.)








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