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  • RTV Coatings on Ceramic Insulators and composite insulator
    Different types of insulators with hydrophobic properties have now become commercially available, including composite insulators, hybrid insulators and silicone greased ceramic insulators.
  • Interaction of Line Surge Arresters with Vibration Dampers
    Transmission line surge arresters (TLSAs) have become an important design and mitigation alternative to improve grounding and reduce investment in overhead ground wire. However, they have also been known to experience a number of mechanical problems in service.
  • Material & Design Requirements for MV Cable Accessories
    Cable accessories perform the key function of ensuring required insulation either at the connection points of cables (straight joints) or at their ends (terminations). These accessories have to be easy and safe to install over a broad range of different cable cross-sections and ideally should consist of as few components as possible.
  • Development & Application of Transmission Line Arresters
    As in places such as Japan where lightning accounts for more than 50% of power system failures, a high proportion of all transmission line trippings in China are due to lightning strike. For example, operating data for 500 kV lines across five provinces within the China Southern Power Grid showed that, of the 62 total trip-outs registered during one year, 87% were linked to lightning.
  • Applying Surge Arresters to Mitigate Breaker Transient Recovery Voltage
    Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV) of a circuit breaker is voltage difference measured between each side of the circuit breaker to ground. The most severe TRV from an amplitude point of view follows interruption of the first phase to clear an ungrounded three-phase fault.
  • The Disconnector: A Reliability Sentinel with the Last Word in the Life of an Arrester
    At some point, all electrical equipment has an end-of-life-event (EOLE). Sometimes this event can be as benign as being removed and replaced with a newer device, but it can also be the by-product of a thunderous overload. In the case of distribution surge arresters, such a thunderous overload can trigger either a short or long-term outage.
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