What is the basic performance of plug-type accessories?
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What is the basic performance of plug-type accessories?

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The basic performance of plug accessories can be divided into three categories: mechanical performance, electrical performance, and environmental performance. Another important mechanical performance of plug accessories is the mechanical life of plug-type accessories. The mechanical life of plug accessories is a durability index, which is called mechanical operation by national standards. Plug-type accessories use one plug-in one-unplug cycle, and the judgment is based on whether the plug-type accessories can normally complete their connection function after the specified plug-in cycle. Next, let's take a look at the basic performance of plug-type accessories.

This is the content list:

  • Mechanical behavior

  • Electrical performance

  • Environmental performance

Mechanical behavior

The mechanical performance of plug-type accessories, in terms of the mechanical performance connection function of plug-type accessories, plug-in force is an important mechanical property.

Electrical performance

Electrical performance of plug-type accessories the main electrical performance of connectors includes contact resistance, insulation resistance, and electrical strength. The high-quality electrical connector with the contact resistance of the plug-type accessory also has a low and stable contact resistance. The contact resistance of plug-type accessories ranges from a few milliohms to tens of milliohms. Insulation resistance is a measure of the insulation performance between the contacts of an electrical connector and between the contacts and the shell. The magnitude of plug-type accessories ranges from a few hundred megohms to a few gigaohms. Electrical performance of other plug-type accessories. Electromagnetic interference leakage attenuation is to evaluate the electromagnetic interference shielding effect of the connector, and electromagnetic interference leakage attenuation is to evaluate the electromagnetic interference shielding effect of the connector. Plug-type accessories are generally tested in the frequency range of 100MHz~10GHz. For radiofrequency coaxial plug-type accessories, there are electrical indicators such as characteristic impedance, insertion loss, reflection coefficient, and voltage standing wave ratio. Correspondingly, in the electrical performance of plug-type accessories, in addition to the characteristic impedance, some new electrical indicators, such as crosstalk, transmission delay, time lag, etc., also have an impact on the electrical performance of plug-type accessories.

Environmental performance

Environmental performance of plug-type accessories Common environmental performance includes temperature resistance, humidity resistance, salt spray resistance, vibration, and impact. Temperature resistance at present, the maximum working temperature of the connector is 200℃, and the minimum temperature is -65℃. The constant heat and humidity test conditions are relative humidity 90%~95%, temperature +40±20℃, the test time is according to the product regulations, and the plug-type accessories are at least 96 hours. The alternating damp heat test is more stringent. When salt spray-resistant plug-type accessories work in an environment containing moisture and salt, the surface treatment layers of their metal structures and contacts may produce galvanic corrosion, which affects the physical and electrical properties of the plug-type accessories. It hangs the plug-type accessories in a temperature-controlled test box and sprays out a sodium chloride solution with a specified concentration with compressed air to form a salt fog atmosphere. Vibration and shock resistance to vibration and shock is an important performance of plug-type accessories, especially in special application environments such as aviation and aerospace, railway, and road transportation. It is to test the robustness of the plug-type accessories' mechanical structure and electrical contact reliability Important indicators. Other environmental properties According to the requirements of use, other environmental properties of plug-type accessories include airtightness, liquid immersion, and low air pressure.

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