What are the applications of composite post insulators?
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What are the applications of composite post insulators?

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Post insulators are generally used as insulators for overhead power lines in villages and towns, and can play an important role in overhead transmission lines. Composite post insulators can effectively use narrow corridors for open-voltage power transmission, are suitable for urban network technical transformation, can reduce the height of poles and towers, and can save a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. Composite post insulators play two basic roles in overhead transmission lines, namely supporting wires and preventing current from returning to the ground. These two functions must be ensured. Composite post insulators should not be caused by changes in the environment and electrical load conditions. Otherwise, the composite post insulator will not have a significant effect and will damage the use and operating life of the entire line.

  • What is the composition structure of the composite post insulator?

  • What is the role of composite post insulators?

  • What are the characteristics of composite post insulators?

What is the composition structure of the composite post insulator?

The composite post insulator is composed of three parts: glass fiber epoxy resin pull rod, silicon rubber umbrella skirt and hardware. Its models are FZSW-12/4, FZSW-12/5, FZSW-35/4, FZSW-35/6, FZSW-66/8, FZSW-110/10, FZS-35/6, FZSW-35/ 12.5, FZSW-40.5/4, FZSW-40.5/6, FZSW-252/8.

What is the role of composite post insulators?

The conductors of overhead power lines are connected and fixed on the pole tower by using composite post insulators and fittings. The composite post insulator used for the insulation of wires and towers not only has to withstand the working voltage, but also the overvoltage, but also the mechanical force and the influence of the temperature change and the surrounding environment. Therefore, the composite post insulator must have good insulation performance and a certain mechanical strength. Usually, the surface of the composite post insulator is made corrugated. This is because: first, it can increase the leakage distance (also called creepage distance) of the composite post insulator, and at the same time, each ripple can block the arc; second, when it rains, the sewage flowing down from the insulator is not It will flow directly from the upper part of the composite post insulator to the lower part, avoiding the formation of sewage to cause short-circuit accidents and blocking the sewage flow; third, when the contaminated material in the air falls on the composite post insulator, due to the composite post insulator The corrugation of the insulator is uneven, and the contaminated material will not be evenly attached to the composite post insulator, which improves the anti-pollution ability of the composite post insulator to a certain extent.

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