What are the common types of fuse links?
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What are the common types of fuse links?

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A fuse link is an electrical appliance. When the current exceeds a specified value, the fuse link will use its heat to fuse link the fuse link and break the circuit. The fuse link is based on the current exceeding the specified value for some time, using the heat of the fuse link to melt the melt, thereby breaking the circuit. The fuse link uses this principle to make the current protector. Fuse links are widely used in high and low-voltage power distribution systems and control systems as well as electrical equipment. As a short-circuit and over-current protector, it is one of the most commonly used protection devices. So, what are the common fuse link connection types? Next, let's take a look together.

This is the content list:

  • Plug-in fuse link and screw fuse link

  • Enclosed fuse link and fast fuse link

  • Self-resetting fuse link

fuse link

Plug-in fuse link and screw fuse link

Fuse links are usually used at the end of lines with voltage levels of 380V and below, as short-circuit protection for distribution branch lines or electrical equipment. The spiral fuse link has a fuse link indicator for the fuse link on the upper-end cover of the melt. Once the fuse link melt is blown out, the indicator pops up immediately and can be observed through the glass hole in the ceramic cover. Fuse links are often used in electrical control equipment for machine tools. The screw fuse link has a large breaking current and can be used for short-circuit protection in circuits with a voltage level of 500V and below and a current level of 200A.

Enclosed fuse link and fast fuse link

Enclosed fuse link links are divided into two types: filled fuse link links and non-filled fuse link links. Filled fuse link links generally use square porcelain tubes with quartz sand and melt inside, and have strong breaking capacity. They are used in circuits with voltage levels below 500V and current levels below 1KA. The unfilled closed fuse link puts the melt into a closed cylinder with a slightly smaller breaking capacity and is used in power grids or power distribution equipment below 500V and below 600A. The fast fuse link is mainly used for short-circuit protection of semiconductor rectifier components or rectifier devices. Because the overload capacity of semiconductor components is very low. It can only withstand a large overload current in a very short time, so the short-circuit protection of the fuse link is required to have the ability to quickly fuse link. The structure of the fast fuse link is the same as the enclosed fuse-link with filler, but the melt material and shape are different. It is a variable cross-section melt with a V-shaped deep groove punched from a silver sheet.

Self-resetting fuse link

The fuse link uses metallic sodium as the melt, which has high conductivity at room temperature. When a short-circuit fault occurs in the circuit, the short-circuit current generates a high temperature to quickly vaporize the sodium, and the vaporized sodium presents a high resistance state, thereby limiting the short-circuit current. When the short-circuit current disappears, the temperature drops and the molten sodium metal of the fuse link resumes its original good conductivity. The self-resetting fuse-link can only limit the short-circuit current and cannot break the circuit. The advantage of the fuse link is that the melt does not need to be replaced and can be reused.

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