18KV Full Cold Shrinkable Accessories Cable Joint Terminal Kits
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18KV Full Cold Shrinkable Accessories Cable Joint Terminal Kits

Full cold shrink cable accessories has good hydrophobic behavior, superior resistant performance of pollution, cold and heat, particularly apply to high altitude, cold, damp areas, salt fog and heavy pollution areas. And don't need open flame when installation, especially suitable for petroleum, chemical, mining and other flammable and explosive places.
  • WLS-20/3*50

Product features of company and main performance parameters of product


Feature of product:

Technique of full cold shrink:
Without fire work and special tools, simply pull the wick gently, will retract rely on its own elasticity, so attaches to the cable closely, each specification can be applied to a variety of cable diameter, strong compatibility with cable diameter.
Reliability of insulation:
Using liquid silicone rubber to ensure good insulation and high elasticity. Always maintain constant radial pressure on cable body after installation, insulation main body of product and electrical stress control unit preform as a whole in factory, little partial discharge capacity, "breathing" with cable body simultaneously.
Stable performance:
Supporting tube using ultrasonic welding, to ensure the reliability and stability of the products, permanent tensile and lower deformation rate, improve the warranty period of products.
Reliable sealing:
The terminal body coordinate with cold shrink branch finger sleeve, cold shrink insulation pipe and cold shrink terminal seal tube; The intermediate joint kits adopt with three layer of waterproof sealing technology, to ensure excellent seal moisture performance of accessories.
Easy for installation:
Simple installation, convenient operation, easy to master. Stripping distance is short and installation space demand is little while pretreatment of cable. Grounding method by using constant force spring to fix the earth lead without welding or tied copper wire, and one end of the ground has been compressed with terminal, more convenient installation, safe and reliable.
Widely Use:
Pollution resistance, ageing resistance, good hydrophobic, and have excellent corrosion resistance, cold resistance and resistance to ultraviolet ray, to ensure the long-term and stable performance usage. Especially suitable for high altitude, cold, damp, salt fog and heavy pollution areas

Main performance parameters of liquid silicone rubber material

Serial No. Item Value Test Standard
Insulating silicone rubber Conductive silicone rubber
Hardness JIS A 40±5 40±5 GB/T531
2 Tensile strength Mpa ≥ 6.5 ≥ 6.5 GB/T528
3 Elongation at break % ≥ 650 ≥ 650 GB/T528
4 Tearing strength N/mm ≥ 30 ≥ 30 GB/T529
5 Volume resistivity ≥ 5.0×10^14 ≤ 1.5×10^3 GB/T1692
6 Permittivity (50MHZ) 2.8-3.5
7 Dielectric loss tangent value ≤ 0.01
8 Anti-tracking ≥ 1A3.5
9 Dielectrical strength KV/mm ≥ 26
10 Tensile set ≤ 10%

Reliable stress control method for cold shrink cable accessories

At present, there are two kinds of stress control modes such as stress cone and stress pipe in the power cable accessories of 35 kV and below voltage. Using the method of stress cone alleviate stress concentration of electric field, it’s the most reliable and most effective method from the electrical point of view.
Stress cone by cutting the insulation shield for outspread, make its form a trumpet-shaped, improved the distribution of electric field, reduce the electric field intensity of fracture surface of outside semi-conducting layer, maintain the operating life of the cable. It is also to use stress cone control method to homogenizing the electric field in the system of 110 kV or higher voltage.
If choose the stress control tube method, the material dispersion is large of the stress control tube, disadvantages such as the product performance is not stable and the holding force is small between the accessories and cable insulation, etc. So we choose the high reliability of stress cone control mode.

Standard for the cold shrink cable assessories

Standards Complied

GB11033 Basic echnical requirements of rated voltage not higher than 26/35 kV power cable accessories.
IEC60502 Insulated power cable and its accessories of rated voltage 1 kV to 30 kV.
GB5589 Test procedure of cable assessories.
GB9327 Test procedure of cable conductor compression and mechanical connection joint.
GB/T14315 Compression copper, aluminum terminal and connecting pipe for wire and cable conductors.
JB7829The Indoor and outdoor heat shrinkable type terminal for power cables of rated voltage not higher than 26/35 KV.
GB/T12706.4-2002 the fourth part of insulated power cable and its accessories of rated voltage 1 kV to 30 kV: test requirements for the power cable accessories of rated voltage 6 kV to 35 KV.
JB/T 10740-2007 Insulated power cable cold shrinkable type assessories of rated voltage 6kV (Um=7.2KV) to 35kV (Um=40.5KV) .
JB/T 8144-1995 Basic technical requirements for the power cable accessories of rated voltage not higher than 26/35KV.
GB311.1-1997 Insulation coordination for high-voltage transmission and transformation equipments.
GB/T 311.2-2002 Insulation coordination.
GB50150-2008 Acceptance test standard for electrical equipment installation engineering electrical equipment.
DL/T 620-1997 Overvoltage protection and insulation coordination for AC electrical equipment.

Application range of product

The application of our manufactured cold shrinkable series products:Rated voltage 0.6/1 kV, nominal section: 10-630 mm2 single core, two cores, three cores, four cores and five cores of cross-linked polyethylene insulated and rubber insulated power cable;

Rated voltage 8.7/10KV, 8.7/15KV, nominal section: 25-630 mm2;

Rated voltage 12/20KV, 18/20KV, nominal section: 25-400 mm2;

Rated voltage 21/35KV, 26/35KV, nominal section: 50-500 mm2;

Single core and three cores of cross-linked polyethylene insulated and

rubber insulated power cable.

Application environment and conditions

Level of environmental pollution: level IV polluted area;

The properties such as insulation level, current-carrying capacity, longterm working temperature and short circuit temperature, etc. all meet the technical requirements of supporting cables. Widely used in the industrials of electric power, petroleum, chemical

engineering, mine, railway, steel, etc. especially suitable for salt fog, severe cold, high humid-hot, and the occasions unfavorable use open flame.


product detail drawing

product detail drawing


Product specifications






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